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Gifts from God

October 23, 2012

So, we have looked at the parameters of what a tribe was in the ancient world but what did they have then that we can utilize today? I am sure very few modern people would sign on to dump the present world and return to cave-dwelling.

One thing immediately comes to mind. Those with handicaps.

An old book I came across years ago, The Science of Midwifery was an eye-opener. Written in 1845, I thought it would reveal some of the older methods, more of the more natural methods, of assisting delivery.

After page on page of depictions of deformities, the midwife was cautioned to reveal any of these “things” to the mother. Once the child was delivered, the midwife was to examine the newborn for any visible deformities. If such were found, like too many or too few fingers or toes, the midwife was instructed to grasp the tiny head firmly and twist hard. Then report to the mother the child was born dead. And if the child was badly deformed, do not even show it to the mother.

Of course, today, things are a little different. Sure, you can see and hear the nurses counting the fingers and toes of the newborn (something I marveled at when my children were born and wondered what would have happened if the digit count had come up wrong?) but I do not believe they break their necks anymore. Modern medicine can work to salvage any “mistakes” of the womb. Expense, yes, but you read about such miracles all the time.

The ancients had no neo-natal intensive wards to rely on. And their understanding of birth was a little different than our own. They knew the process of sperm and egg well enough but they went one step further: a couple could have sex many times without producing a child, therefore, when a child was conceived, it was through another agency as well. Every child was a child of, or gift from, God.

And gifts from the Almighty were not to be discarded, no matter your personal preference as to the number of fingers or toes. Each gift sent a message. If the child was fine and healthy, it was business as usual. If the child were something else, they tried to understand the message.

How could there be a message?

It is rather simple, actually. If a person was born with a deformed leg, walking would be a difficulty. Therefore, in traveling, the tribe would have to move slower to adjust for the slowest member. The message was to move slower or, perhaps, be more cautious.

The messages differed from child to child, I am sure but, as most the children were perfectly healthy, there was no need to ferret out any message.

Once again, the tribe does not fight nature but finds a way to work with it, as partners, in this journey of existence. Other forms of creatures tend to simply abandon their deformed but humans thought themselves better, and closer to God than that.

How do I know all this?

It is just accumulated guesswork over years of study. But it fits with everything I’ve learned.

If you have another view, I’d love to hear it.

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